CFDs are complicated financial instruments that carry a high risk of losing money quickly because of leverage. You should think about your understanding of CFDs' operation as well as your ability to bear the substantial risk of financial loss.

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Due to the fact that bitcoin CFDs are leveraged products, you only need a modest down payment, or "margin," to fully access the underlying market. Leverage will increase both gains and losses because your profit or loss is still determined based on the entire size of your investment.
Crypto CFDs
Small Spreads
Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap
BTC BTC Bitcoin 5 -15 -15
ETH ETH Ethereum 5 -15 -15
BNB BNB Binancecoin 5 -15 -15
XRP XRP Ripple 5 -15 -15
ADA ADA Cardano 5 -15 -15
DOT DOT Polkadot 5 -15 -15
DOGE DOGE Dogecoin 5 -15 -15
LTC LTC Litecoin 5 -15 -15
BCH BCH Bitcoincash 5 -15 -15
XLM XLM Stellar 5 -15 -15
EOS EOS EOS 5 -15 -15
Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap