CFDs are complicated financial instruments that carry a high risk of losing money quickly because of leverage. You should think about your understanding of CFDs' operation as well as your ability to bear the substantial risk of financial loss.

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Invest in raw materials like sugar, wheat, and oil and make price predictions for them. When you engage with us, you won't have to be concerned about receiving a physical delivery or assuming ownership of the underlying item.

Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap
USGas USGas US Natural Gas 0.003 -2 -1
WTI WTI WTI Oil 0.007 -1 -22
OIL OIL UK Brent Crude Oil 0.02 -0.986 -2.79
SUGAR SUGAR Sugar 0.03 -1.5 -2.3
COFFEE COFFEE Coffee 0.25 -3 -10
WHEAT WHEAT Wheat 0.74 -0.9 -2
CORN CORN Corn 0.26 -9.5 -6
COCOA COCOA Cocoa 0.6 -10 -5
COTTON COTTON Cotton 0.19 -12 -3
Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap